AMRITA! Isn´t that such a beautiful word?

When I was thinking of what shall be the name of my blog, I instantly had an idea in my head to call the site “oasis”, which shall represents a space of knowledge which will nurture us with wisdom about sexual health and love, the same like “oasis” nurture its people who live or come by.

But there was still something off.

In a sexual context, I remembered – once I heard there is a beautiful word for female ejaculation…i looked up for it…and found it! AMRITA!

Amrita is a word for female ejaculation! The nectar of gods, so nurturing for those who are not hesitant to drink this women body fluid & sexual essence. I fell in love with this word, I promise if I have a daughter one day, this will be a name for her! 🙂 🙂

here is! Enjoy 🙂