Hi! My name is Karolina, I am 28 years old and I have just created! My first official blog where I am gonna write about all things what make my mind go crazy.

Sex, relationships, love.

My passion has always been educating, understanding and growing in the field of human sciences – physical, spiritual and mental. I have finished a bachelor degree of a molecular biology program at the Charles University of Prague, but I couldnt see myself as a scientist. (I think I am too adventurous and free persona for that) So I spent years practitising and developing in TANTRA , bodywork, spirituality, which brought to my life lots of understanding, freedom, travelling, experiences, meeting amazing people & teachers and thanks to all amazing clients who keep visited me I have gained a suistanable indepence.

Later on, I had an idea to create my own studio and a team of tantra & bodywork therapists, precisely chosen to fullfill my dream. A dream about wonderful team who knows what tantra really is and who is dedicated to our mission and path – to heal people, to inspire, to live more life! Recently, I am proud of my team and thank you all for co-creating us!

Well, now I have appeared in phase of my life, where there is a place for something new to come, to grow. I dont have an idea what it could be and where can I move on, however, from my passion and years of studying and experiencing how we humans work in sex and love and relationships, I decided to open up this blog and share with you my knowledge, wisdom or even thoughts and my daily life & struggles.

Have fun!