Have you ever heard of term “eyegazing”?

Yes, maybe someone gazed at you when travelling with metro or a random guy couldnt just stop to watch you when you were for a night out at the bar and you just remember how annoying this could be.

But, we are talking about conscious agreed eyegazing in between 2 people.

You can just try it out with your friend or partner, or maybe even with someone you dont really like. What will happen?

You might have heard that eyes are the windows to the soul. Yes, I truly believe in that.

If you let somebody to dive into your eyes, it is like standing really naked in front of the person, showing what you really got and what you really are. There is no chance to hide. You can master your face expressions, but you canot really master your eyes and what they say.

And that is exactly a reason why so many people avoid eyegazing. It is very likely uncomfortable. However if it is uncomfortable, it can be also powerful.

Actually it is a little dearmouring itself. (here you can read about dearmouring)

It will peel you off, it will show you how you are at the moment.

Try it out! Take a 10-15 min, sit comfortably in front of each other and agree on eyegazing. Try not to smile or run from uncomfortability. Just face it. Dont hide to feel any emotions – anger, sadness, shyness, anxiety. Just feel it, maybe your face will turn red, or you start to cry. And thats ok. Thats healing honey. 🤍

Let me know how it works for you! Have you ever tried that? Did you feel anything special?

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