How do we fall in love? (men vs. women)

It´s spring out there, trees started to blossom, the sun says hi to us for longer time, air is fresh and the energy became more yang! Finally! Who desnt love this period of the year?

Personally, this is my favourite part of the year. For me, it is waking up after long grey winter (I am not a fan of) to a colorfoul world, to be more active, to get more happiness and also to get….more HORNY, haha.

And because this period of the year is just connected with love and sex to me, here comes the question: Have you ever though about how do we fell in love?

You might have heard that to get a man to fall in love a woman shall not have sex with him too soon. Right? Yeah, but does this really work? Well, we know there are cases where it doesnt need to apply, but there is an actuall scientific explanation for this!

A Biologist Dawn Maslar, she connected more studies to show how women and men differs in falling in love.

Recently, we know that “love” for brain is a mixture of dopamine and oxytocine, mostly. Well, dopamine drives ut to “get something” and oxytocine is making a bond with another beings.

But there is a difference in how men and women react when they are dating:

🟦 A man starts to date, we assume – he is having a good time, he wants another date, he wants more, his dopamine rises, he feels a sexual drive, his testosterone and vasopressin rises. And here is the catch – vasopressin and dopamin drops rapidly when a man has a sex (with orgasm) and he might lose interest after in case he hasnt stayed dating for enough time to create receptors in brain to want more of this “drug”. Also, when a man commits (relationship/marriage), his testosterone keeps in lower level and it gives an opportunity to the oxytocine to rise and create a bond and truly love.

🟥 A woman starts to date, we assume – she is having a good time, her dopamine rises, she wants to see him again. First touches, hugs, kisses, oxytocine rises, she already might starts to feel “butterflies in her stomach.” If she has a sex with her date (and orgasm), oxytocine just skyrockets! That is an amazing feeling, but! If she has sex with the man at the time, when he is not yet commited or his brain hasnt get used to the coctail of love for enough amount of time, she might already feels in love and yet she might loses him.

Well, isnt this amazing to find out? There is a scientific explanation behind of those stories “Women shall not go to bed too quickly.” So ladies, keep your panties on until he brings the ring (ehm, flowers 💐), haha! 😉

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